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GPS- GSM professional tracker, with geo-referenced alarm function and against foreign intrusion into boat.

Tracker One is an electronic small device, easy to install in all sizes boats.

Purpose of use:

1) Anti-theft system with alarm to the boat shift: Tracker One sends an alert message if the boat move, inside intrusion, theft of outboard motors, etc. ... The user can detect the position of the vehicle by sending SMS messages requesting position.

2) Tracking System: Tracker One sends data location via GPRS network. The frequency of data transmission can be configured, according to application needs.

The device operates with a supply voltage up to 32 Vdc. Tracker One is equipped with SIM card holder and connectors, for data management and alarm sensors input signals. A backup battery system (sold separately) ensure the operation for several hours even without power.

Tracker One Code: TK-01
System battery Code: TK-02


Antifurto con localizzatore satellitare Antifurto con localizzatore satellitare


Product Features:

  • Include SiRFlll GPS 20-Channel
  • Include Quad-Band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Output Power Class 4 (2W) 850/900MHz, Class 1 (1W ) 1800/1900MHz
  • Supply Voltage Rage: 5-32 V DC
  • Dimensions: 107x 64 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 135 gr.
  • Temperatures range: -20 / +70 C
  • SMA female, 50 ohm connector for GSM
  • SMA female, 50 ohm connector for GPS
  • Product comply to the R&TTE (CE mark) and RoHS directive of EU


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