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TRACKER STATION is a web access software, able to display the position of the vehicle carrying Tracker One.

The software is a solution for managing fleets of vehicles in motion (e.g. applications for charter boats, monitoring diving support vessels, etc. ...)

Monitoring of positions can be programmed according to application needs. Position data, speed, etc. ..., are transmitted via GPRS from Tracker One and are recorded by Tracker Station, with the ability to generate important statistics for the various applications (e.g. duration and distance traveled by the vehicles etc. ...)

In the temporary absence of the GSM signal, the system is able to record the position data internally and then make them available once the GSM service becomes available again.

Maps are customizable as area of interest and type. Geo referenced charts can be displayed.

Geo referenced area can be defined in order to get automatic alerts when the vehicle is moving out or entering in specific areas.

An annual subscription fee for access to the service is required.


Tracker Station


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