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Shift Tender Cradles STC700

It is a pair of cradles for housing the hull of the Tender. This system can be used both inside the Yacht Garage and on the stern beaches.

The system is easily removable using the quick couplings provided. It is sufficient to fix the 4 glasses on the floor to ensure the fixing of the two guides. The guides ensure a stroke of 70 cm and the release is done manually by means of a plasticized stainless steel tie rod.
The STC700 system is particularly robust since it has been designed to support the weight of the tender cantilevered with respect to the support surface of the guides. In this way, it is possible to move the tender very far towards the stern, i.e. outside the perimeter of the stern platform.
The hull housing can be customized according to the required geometry. A special rubber profile ensures adhesion on the cradles without the risk of damaging the hull. The weight of each complete guide is 20Kg.

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