Large Walkways

Skywalk 850 is a large walkway, designed as a port structure for connecting docks or floating piers. The structure can be installed on large yachts by modifying the fixed part so that it can be hidden away inside a special garage.

Movements and Dimensions

Skywalk 850 is made up of 5 sectors: 3 mobile in extraction, 1 containing the extractable sectors and rotating upwards by 90° and downwards by 20°, 1 fixed support. The length of the gangway at maximum its extension is 850 cm. The maximum width is 90 cm. The minimum width at the tip is 60 cm. An ultrasonic sensor placed at the tip avoids any collisions during maneuvering. The gangway is equipped with limit switch sensors and the electro-hydraulic drive is controlled by an electronic microprocessor programmed with software that can be modified for different needs. The movement can be controlled by means of a control panel with joystick and by radio control supplied.


The supporting structure of the gangway consists of an internal part in steel mechanically coupled to the external one in aluminum. This solution was chosen to obtain an excellent compromise between weight and strength, technical and design requirements. The fronts of the mobile sectors are made of Aisi 316 stainless steel.

The Walking Surface

The walking surface is made with slats of honeycomb composite material, to ensure maximum resistance to atmospheric agents, low weight and low maintenance. The slats are fixed on treated aluminum alloy platforms, which can be removed in sections to give the possibility of access to the internal mechanisms of the structure in case of failure or maintenance. The entire walkway is illuminated on the left and right sides by a blue LED light. A stainless steel handrail with automatic closing movement is mounted on both sides of the walking surface. For applications on yachts, the assembly of handrails with stanchions, rods and top is provided as an alternative, solutions that can be completely collapsed in small spaces.

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