It is a "lift" system for the movement of the hatchback so that they can be used as an overflow base or for lifting the tender or jet ski. We propose a standard model with a capacity of 600 kg, which is simply an example of what may be produced in our factory.

LT600 is a pantograph system especially designed for small to medium-sized boats, where it’s not enough spaces to anchor on the transom. The drive is electro-hydraulic, and the horizontal alignment of the platform is guaranteed thanks to a self-adjusting system of the oil flow towards the lifting pistons.

The maneuver can be carried out either by using a wall-mounted control panel or a watertight and floating radio control.

LT600, through a special automatic lever, performs a roto-translational movement that allows to reach a considerable distance from the transom, despite its contained dimensions. This allows to mount LT600 in tight spaces and avoids possible collisions with other parts present at the stern.

The system is equipped with a mechanical safety hook which ensures its correct position on navigation trim. In the event of an electrical fault, the swim platform can still be positioned correctly by using a manual hydraulic pump.

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